Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hot! Live! Music!

Rihanna and Mikky Ekko, "Stay"
Rihanna tore it up by performing this one at Studio 8H a few months ago and since SNL clips are inevitably taken down by the NBC YouTube police, I'll just use this (probably equally good) performance from the Grammys.  This one also has Mikky Ekko chiming in and yeah, he's extraneous.  Good singer and all, plus he actually co-wrote the song and everything, but yeah, Mr. Ekko's role here is just to get out of Rihanna's way.  Also, "Mikky Ekko"?  That's just too many K's to be taken seriously.

Bono and the Edge, "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)"
In fact, Rihanna's "Stay" is so good that it officially becomes the second-best track ever to own that title.  Here's number one (sorry, Lisa Loeb fans).  Did I seriously rank this as only U2's 14th-best song?  That list might require a do-over.

Barenaked Ladies, "Break Your Heart"
So, I'm very late to the party on this, but apparently Steven Page left BNL in 2009 but the band has carried on as a unit without him.  It's very weird.  I really don't see how they can operate without Page, nor really can I see him succeeding him as a solo act, which may explain why I haven't heard about any of this in four years.  This officially slots BNL firmly into the "nostalgia Canadian act" portion of their careers, which (let's be honest) they've probably been living for roughly a decade.  It's weird to think that in the USA, these guys are just one-hit wonders via 'One Week,' while my generation has known Barenaked Ladies music since childhood.  Say what you will about BNL or Page's vocal stylings, but the climax of this song is legitimately pretty awesome.

Florence & The Machine, "Addicted To Love"
Yep, it's a Robert Palmer cover.  And yeah, technically it's not a live recording but who cares, Florence Welch is the best.  If you have a severe problem with my breaking the rules of my own blog feature, then you might as well face it, you're addicted to being anal-retentive.

Paul F. Tompkins, "Skyfall"
So comedian Paul F. Tompkins randomly starts covering Adele during a show and everyone laughs since it's such a goofy idea and PFT is wearing a candy cane suit.  Then the joke gets even better since Tompkins KILLS IT.  I love how you can almost feel the audience, as one, slowly become stunned by how good this gets.

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