Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Al Pacino, Yelling

Well, yeah, it's a supercut of Al Pacino yelling.  #TruthInAdvertising  Though in some scenes he isn't outright yelling.  Three thoughts....

1. It is a shame that Al Pacino was never able to star in a Ric Flair biopic

2. I love that, as a nine-year-old, I knew Pacino only as "that guy in Dick Tracy"

3. The story of Pacino's legendary "she's got a GREAT ass..." scene in Heat is even funnier than the scene itself.  As Hank Azaria tells it, Pacino delivered the lines normally on the first 15 or so takes and then on the 16th take, out of nowhere, Pacino suddenly goes totally over-the-top.  Azaria's stunned reaction in the movie was apparently his actual reaction at seeing Pacino go nuts before his eyes.

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