Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane....

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You know you watch too much Lost when....

....you start having dreams about the show. I had an incredibly vivid dream last night about Sawyer remembering details from a murder from his past, and then (in a Usual Suspects-esque leap of recognition) suddenly realizing that the Others were responsible for it. It would've been a hell of an episode, if I could remember the details -- and, if I could acquire a job on the Lost writing staff within the next week so the plot could fit into current continuity.

For the record, Sawyer was totally dressed and was not in any type of sexually explicit situation whatsoever. So, I want to make this clear -- I was not 'dreaming about Sawyer' in that way. I save those kinds of dreams for Hurley. What?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


At Sarah's request, here's a fucking post. Enjoy!

The new Killers album is good, and I'm not really understanding the two main criticisms of the disc -- i.e. it sounds too overblown, nothing like Hot Fuss, and the Killers are aping Bruce Springsteen.

WTF? The only semi-Springsteenish song on the album is This River is Wild, and that's mostly in the piano outro. If there's ever a singer less suited to imitate Springsteen, it's Brandon Flowers. If anything, I thought he was trying to sing like Bono and stretch his voice about an octave higher than it's meant to go (Bono didn't really learn how to actually sing until U2 had already released three albums).

As for the others, I thought it sounded like Hot Fuss, and hell yeah it's overblown -- it's the frickin' Killers. That's like calling out Jack White for having guitar feedback in his songs.

Anyway, thumbs up to Sam's Town, and I've also got the new Elton John song on the shelf waiting to be listened to. I'm taking my mum to Elton John's show here in London as a birthday present for her, which shoots me high in the ranking for Best Son Ever competition.

The Departed was so good it made me want to speak in a Boston accent and shoot someone in the head. Really, Academy, just give Martin Scorsese an Oscar. Can we STOP this cruel game! And allow the boy to keep ONE shred of diginity! For God's sake, I can't STAND to see him in all this pain!! You VICIOUS BASTARDS!! Let him win an Oscar!! Is it so bad to see somebody happy?! So just let him win an Oscar!! For the LOVE OF GOD, let the boy move in with you!! Good Lord!!

Sorry, my inner Chris Farley took over there for a second. Keep me away from any cocaine just to be safe.

I'm going to a Halloween party next week. Any costume ideas? The current favorite is Locke from Lost.