Saturday, April 06, 2013

Other People's Writing

In case you don't know how this feature works, I link to a bunch of writing from other people.  Do you need me to explain it again?  I can go a bit slower, if that helps.

* Ten friends have been engaged in an elaborate game of 'Tag' for the last 23 years, as Russell Adams of the Wall Street Journal explains.  This story is awesome in every way.  Bonus points to the number of people who told me, "Ha ha, this sounds exactly like the kind of stupid thing you and your friends would do, Mark," which I'm not sure is a compliment or an insult.

* Since you probably haven't thought of Beck in ages, Grantland's Alex Pappademas profiles Beck's career and kinda questions whether or not he's still relevant.  I think Beck probably jumped the shark when he released his "play-it-yourself" album.

* Here's a not-at-all creepy piece from io9's George Dvorsky about how humanity will likely eventually develop the capability to create its own hive mind.  Resistance is futile.

* Wired's Joel Warner examines scientific studies of humour to determine what exactly comedy is and how it works.  Geez, they could've saved a lot of time and effort just by talking to me.  The idea of examining comedy through a scientific lens makes me worry that one day some egghead will accidentally develop the funniest joke in the world and kill us all.

* Speaking of analyzing humour, Warner and Peter McGraw (for Grantland) consult some experts to determine who is the funniest NBA player.  It's hard to argue with their choice of Blake Griffin, but the funniest fictional NBA player is undoubtedly the Onion's version of Tim Duncan.

* Grantland's Wesley Morris profiles the career and influence of Pam Grier.  Booyah!  I recently saw Jackie Brown again and man, that movie still holds up superbly well.  I guess it's technically not overrated since everyone thinks it's a good movie but it's a GREAT movie. 

* An oral history of Wet Hot American Summer by Details' Whitney Pastorek.  I actually stumbled upon this link last year but didn't read the story since (unforgivably) I hadn't actually seen WHAS.  Inexplicable, I know.  This long-time wrong was finally corrected last month, naturally I loved the movie and the rest is history.  Bradley Cooper's phoned-in solo quote within this piece is really funny out of context.

* So we've had some Tarantino, and we've had an oral history, now about about a Tarantino oral history?  Vanity Fair's Mark Seal has an oral history of Pulp Fiction, a.k.a. arguably my favourite movie of all time.

* What kind of people drive themselves to marathon, record-setting sessions of Q*Bert?  Grantland's Michael Weinreb checks it out.  I'm upset that not one of these guys sought to preserve their high score by having Slippery Pete move the machine out of the arcade.  If you're wondering if I'll use this article to again cite the time that my brother and I spent 45 minutes beating the Simpsons game in an arcade on the Jersey Shore boulevard when we were teenagers….nah, I'll hold off.

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