Monday, March 25, 2013

"Brush" With "Greatness"

This is a very light "brush with greatness" and I'm pretty sure it's a non-existent one but here goes.  I thought I saw Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (the actors who portray Jon Snow and Ygritte on Game Of Thrones) strolling down Peter Street in Toronto a couple of weeks ago.  My thought process about this sighting…

The pros….

* ComicCon was in town that weekend so I thought "Hmm, maybe they were at the event promoting the upcoming GoT season."  There was indeed a GoT presence at ComicCon given that a friend of mine got a picture of himself sitting on the iron throne, which is a pretty great idea for a Facebook profile shot.

* Harington and Leslie are, in fact, an item if you believe the gossip rags.  This was probably inevitable --- what else are they going do for fun, stuck up there filming in freezing-cold Iceland?  This also relates to my most oft-cited criticism of the GoT series, which was PUT ON A TOQUE, JON SNOW.  Seriously, how are we supposed to respect this guy as one of the show's heroes if he doesn't have the basic sense to cover his head when it's -30 degrees?  Then again, the guy I saw on Peter Street wasn't wearing a toque either and it was a pretty chilly day, so maybe Harington is simply immune to cold climates, a la Mr. Freeze.   

The cons….

* Harington and Leslie were, in fact, not at ComicCon.

* There are roughly 150,000 hipster guys in Toronto who are rocking Harington's scruffy style of facial hair, so he could be easily mistaken.  Leslie's looks are obviously a lot more striking but then again, she is a ginger.  On the show she looks great -- in real life, away from professional makeup and camerawork, god knows what sort of over-freckled visage she's sporting.

* Seems awfully unlikely that, after getting caught up on the entire Game Of Thrones series, I'd just happen to see actors from the cast in my own city.  Could very well be that I've just got the show on my mind.  It's somewhat similar to when I thought I saw Kevin "Locke's Awful Father" Tighe in New York in 2007, at the height of my LOST fandom.  I've been watching a lot of Portlandia recently, so expect my next brush with greatness post to be about seeing Carrie Brownstein buying a burger at a Harvey's.

I'm going to go ahead and count this Brush With Greatness as an "almost surely not."  If I ever do meet a Game Of Thrones actor in person, hopefully it's Jack "King Joffrey" Gleeson so I can just punch him in the face.  Sure, he's just an actor playing a role….but still, principle.

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