Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We're already aware of the phenomenon that is Hockeybear, but I ask you, society, are you ready for his return? Because like a Taco Bell meal or Jesus, Hockeybear's reappearance was destined to occur, and now, forsooth, he hath returned!...eth.

This video actually goes a long way towards explaining the mass genocide that puts a bit of a damper on Hockeybear's appearances. Sure, he may murder an ocean liner full of people, destroy various Big 10 campuses and then the earth itself, but it's all good because he just goes back in time and corrects the problem. Simple as that! Of course, it might not be a good thing that a bear with so little regard for human life has mastery of the space-time continuum. Or, that there are apparently THREE (!) Hockeybears, all of whom have their pilot's licenses. But still, minor quibbles!

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