Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colts and Saints

Sorry to ruin the suspense about who I'm picking to go to the Super Bowl, but there it is. The Jets have taunted me with their tough defense and opportunistic offense and I almost feel like pulling the trigger on an upset pick, but let's be honest --- if I pick them, they'll screw me over by crapping the bed on a major scale against Indy. The damn Colts caught a break by seeing San Diego get eliminated and now damn Peyton Manning will go to another damn Super Bowl. Damn.

The Saints, meanwhile, I feel have just too much going for them over Minnesota. Brees and Favre cancel each other out, Pierre Thomas can at least counter Adrian Peterson, New Orleans has the home-dome advantage and as far as I know, no famous New Orleans musician released a godawful team fight song in the last week. The Vikings are "ready to fight the arrogant world"? Uh, okay. Prince is one of those musicians who is really awesome about two-thirds of the time. This song is in the last third.

So New Orleans vs. Indianapolis at the Super Bowl, book it. "Book it," of course, being a relative term given that I'm 1-7 in picking games this NFL postseason. But then again, I used to just totally destroy the Scholastic "Book It" challenge back in grade school. Ten hours of reading per month? Muthafucka, I rolled through that in a week. My mark of 100 books read in my eighth grade year is still a school record (presumably). I've earned the right to use the phrase "book it" in any fashion I want.

Sandwich Artist: Would you like this toasted, sir?
Sandwich Artist: ...uh, okay.

Roommate: Hey Mark, pass me the remote control.
Roommate: Could you just give me the damn remote?

Fellow Bank Robber: Oh no! The cops are catching up to us!
Fellow Bank Robber: You said it!

Hmm, this example seems to suggest that I relate most to being a bank robber. How unfortunate. On the bright side, there's plenty of time to read in prison.

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