Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ten Errors

Don't worry, Jays fans. The team might be trash this season, but the Blue Jays have a promising bunch of young talent in the minors!

...or not. Ten errors?! Ten errors?! Yes, my voice became high-pitched like Jim Mora when I said that. Who makes ten errors in a game? I don't think my team ever did that back in house league, and we had some pretty crappy teams (especially when I was at second base). My friends and I went to see the debut game of the Canadian Baseball League in 2004 and that featured a combined eight errors from both teams, but that was a fourth-rate quality of play. Syracuse is Toronto's Triple-A affiliate. They are the next-best thing to the Majors.

On the bright side, nobody threw a ball into the stands and killed anyone. Also, at least it wasn't eleven errors.

I lied. There is no bright side.


Chad Nevett said...

I've gotten more than ten errors in a single game of Bases Loaded, but that was on purpose. Also, because through a weird glitch, if you throw the ball to the player who has it, it can make him drop it and then if no one picks it up after a few seconds, you get charged with an error. I spent one inning amusing myself by doing that for five minutes.

RT Murphy said...

Like in many cases, when kids do things wrong, it's funny. When the Jays do it, it's just sad.