Saturday, August 11, 2007


* I"m going to spend my Saturday night in, but fear not! This isn't for nerdy reasons! It's time for my annual reading of Live From New York: An Oral History of Saturday Night Live, by Tom Shales and J.A. Miller. It doesn't get much better than a behind-the-scenes look at SNL from just about everyone who was ever on the show. I've limited myself to reading it just once per year in order to keep in fresh, since it would be a shame to get so used to it that it loses its edge like...well, any number of SNL recurring characters, ironically.

* There has been so much made about Jennifer Love Hewitt going topless that when she finally does do it in a movie, it won't possibly live up to the hype. I mean, she has a nice pair of breasts. Let's not even kid ourselves about that. But it's funny how she is such an object of desire and speculation simply because she's never finally busted them out on-screen. Really, why should she? She hasn't made a good movie or had a good role in years, but still holds a special place in the cultural zeitgeist of horny men by being the forbidden fruit.

* Two great links for all you sports fans out there...

The great Pro Football Talk site recently unveiled their still-growing All-Seinfeld NFL team. Some big laughs from comparing NFL personalities to Seinfeld personalities. I think my favorites were Ron Jaworski = George when he buys ladies' glasses, and Dick Vermeil = Bette Midler's understudy in Rochelle Rochelle

It's not often you find a post that seems like it's written solely to appeal to me. Well, besides the posts on this site, that is. But this one has it all --- sports, comics, movies and the Office, all wrapped up into one. Enjoy!

* Sunshine was pretty good. It's sort of like a poor man's 2001, though since I didn't like 2001, perhaps that analogy doesn't quite fit. It was a great example of situation-based suspense for the first two-thirds of the film, as the crew has to logically deal with the problems that arise from their mission. The final third of Sunshine is a bit lesser, as it sort of devolves into more of a conventional thriller, but overall the movie is well worth seeing. I helped that I like a lot of the actors in the cast (Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, Scarecrow) and I'm generally a fan of director Danny Boyle.

Out of curiosity, I looked at the Wikipedia entry for the film and it's pretty hilarious. There's a big long section about the research that Boyle and his screenwriter did in the year of writing and conceiving the idea, then another big section about consulting with NASA scientists to get facts right, then a section about what the actors were instructed to do and a lot of the filmmaking process and how the effects and sets were painstakingly developed.

Then, at the bottom of the page, it notes that the film stiffed at the box office and critics didn't really like it. Oh well.


Chad Nevett said...

Staying in to reread a book about SNL that you read once a year isn't a nerdy reason, Shuk? Oh, denial is powerful. (Also, I need to get that book at some point. Every time I see it in a bookstore, I pick it up, flip through it, read the odd quote, think "Wow, this looks like a good book" and then put it down in favour of whatever I came to get.)

I do the same thing with Hunter Thompson's Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72, but only every four years, during the summer of the US presidential election.

Kyle Wasko said...

Wow...FAL:'72 is actually kind of awesome--it's the only HST book I've ever been able to read from start to finish.

Re: Sunshine-->pretty cool idea for a movie; awesome set; (fairly) solid cast; great first 75 minutes...and then it completely goes of the rails. Don't want to get too spoilery, so I'll just say that Boyle/Garland, in choosing to go in the direction they did, made a pretty significant misjudgment.

Chad Nevett said...

His book Better than Sex looks at the 1992 Bush/Clinton election. Not as in-depth as Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72, but still an entertaining and funny read.