Sunday, September 02, 2007


So yeah, here's the update about my search for a favourite college football team. Michigan is eliminated. That is all.

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Kyle Wasko said...

Words fail me. But, thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket, we also get college games and I was able to watch yesterday's debacle, and the words then were--and this is more or less verbatim: "I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED. I THINK I'M GOING TO THROW UP."

It's more than 24 hours later and I'm still irate (though this may have something to do with the Tigers pissing away a 7-2 lead today, which has unofficially ended their season--lean months for the state of Michigan, my friend. Like, I'm-pinning-all-my-hopes-on-the-Lions lean. Yikes.)

If they don't drop out of the Top 25, it will prove once and for all that the voters are total cowards.

One final thing: what is, no doubt, going to be lost in the shuffle in the wake of the blocked FG attempt to end the game is that ASU's decision to kick the go ahead FG with 26 to go (on First and Goal) was a colossal gaffe. Basically, it was the only way they could have kept Michigan in the game, to the point where I thought that Lloyd Carr offered $50,000 from his own salary to the ASU SID. Why not run a play to get to the middle of the field, spike the ball on second down, kick on third with 5 seconds to go? It made no sense at all--although no one will probably ever mention it again.