Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pizza Pizza pizza pizza pizza ad nauseum

As I sit here trying to type and point a slice into my mouth at the same time, I can't help but wonder how Pizza Pizza got its name. The roommates decided to order a pizza tonight, and I was put in charge of ordering. I asked them if they wanted some 'Pizza Pizza pizza,' and since they're British and not totally up on our bizarre Canadian chains, their reaction was "Huh?" It truly is an absurd name for a pizzaria. Have you ever heard of an auto dealership called Cars Cars? A haberdashery called Hats Hats? An engineering firm specializing in battleships called Battleships Battleships? It just gets confusing.

Fun fact: Little Caesars can't use its 'Pizza pizza!' catchphrase in Ontario due to Pizza Pizza's trademark. I can understand this logic. This is like if the makers of the game Battleship sued Battleships Battleships, or if McDonald's started an ad campaign for the Big Mac calling it the burger king, complete with a little crown and scepter. My pal Kyle once wrote a hilarious letter printed in the London Free Press about how an obituary for Wendy's founder Dave Thomas was titled something like "Burger king missed by many." Kyle pointed out the incongruity of including one of Thomas' biggest rivals in his obit title, and compared it to a headline of "Penny saver passes away" if a thrifty Freeps editor died.

Aside from the many tasty meals I've had as its establishments, my favourite Pizza Pizza moment happened during a Super Bowl party years ago. I'm known as being something of a hog when I eat, and thus to limit the trips I need to make off the couch, I just decided to take all of my four alloted slices in one trip. Bryan, the host of the party, warned about possibly spilling a slice, but I pooh-poohed him...and then promptly dropped a slice. I picked up the slice before the five-second rule elapsed and took some ribbing from the guys...and then dropped the slice again. Laughter ensued, except from Bryan who was worried about his carpet. I think this was the same Super Bowl where my pal Dave took $10 to accept a leaping headbutt to the groin from me (long story), so fortunately my pizza antics were soon forgotten.

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