Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pro Tip For Prince William

Just shave your head, man.  Throw caution to the wind.  I realize that shaving one's head is a major step, even for those of us who aren't destined for the British throne.  I started losing my hair when I was 17 (!) yet didn't fully shave it until I was 22, and that was less due to common sense than trying to erase a poorly-thought out experiment with blonde hair dye.  Had I just sucked it up at age 17, I would've been rocking the chrome dome during my entire university career, a.k.a. when I was around more attractive women than at any other point in my life then or since.  Instead, I wasted years on campus with the old man "cul de sac of hair" that made me look a good two or three decades older.  Ed Harris, it was not.

Now, scoring with the ladies probably isn't a priority for William now that he has a wife and kids, though still, going with the wispy thinning look when you're still in your early 30's is a tough road to hoe.  We all know he'll be 50-to-75% bald at some point over the next decade, so my argument is, embrace it and go all the way bald right now. 

Sure, it'll cause a media sensation.  Sure, there will be a few hundred Yul Brenner references.  Sure, it's quite possible Kate hates the bald look and she should probably be consulted about this (rather than, say, listening to some guy writing a blog post).  But William needs to look at the big picture.  The British public need decisive leadership now more than ever, it's time for their future king to visit the royal barber and Brexit the last remaining hairs from his head.  Do it for the United Kingdom, William, and even moreso, do it for us bald people.  We need a new signature baldie to look up to.    

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