Monday, June 06, 2016

Hot! Live! Music!

Bruce Springsteen, “Purple Rain”
We’re getting into a bad habit here at Hot Live Music of posting mostly tributes to legendary musicians who have recently passed on.  Let’s hope it doesn’t continue, though at the moment, we may as well focus on all of the Prince-related material that has surfaced over the last several weeks.  Here’s the Boss...

Jennifer Hudson and the cast of the Color Purple. “Purple Rain”
I mean, ‘purple’ is right there in the play’s name.  Obviously this was a no-brainer.

Stevie Wonder, Prince, Sheila E, “Superstition”
Now we’re here with the man himself, playing alongside THE MAN playing perhaps my favourite song of all time.

Prince and Cee-Lo Green, “Crazy”
Since Prince covered countless songs over his career, just imagine what you’re thinking if you’re Cee-Lo here.  You’re sitting at home, Prince calls you up and invites you to his show.  Naturally, you’re stoked.  Then Prince asks if you feel like performing your biggest hit alongside him.  Cee-Lo was so excited he clearly didn’t even call Danger Mouse, which seems like an oversight.

Prince, some other moderately famous musicians, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
Of all the Prince clips that surfaced around the internet after his death, this seemed to be the most-shared.  Maybe it’s because that Prince was, if underrated at anything, not given his full renown as a guitarist.  Rolling Stone published a ‘top 100 guitarists’ list a few years back that didn’t include him, which seemed literally impossible.  Among actual guitarists, however, Prince was beyond respected.  Take this performance, when you have legend after legend on stage, yet when it comes to the big solo, everyone automatically turns things over to Prince.  The “holy crap” look on Dhani Harrison’s face at 4:43 says it all.   

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