Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Prediction

This is a very tight Super Bowl, and it could go either way.  For example, my inevitable, "I just can't get over it" swearing rampage about how the Packers blew the NFC championship game could take place before the game, it could start midway through the second quarter and last the entire game, or it could all be condensed into five minutes of just extreme anger.  It truly is hard to predict.

While my simmering Packers rage is up in the air, my pick for the actual game is Seattle.  There are basically four types of result --- very tight win, close win, comfortable win or blowout --- possible for the Super Bowl and I can see the Seahawks winning any of them.  Yes, that's right, even a blowout, since I can't get last year's demolition of the Broncos out of my head.  It's possible the Seahawks defence is really just that iconically good and they're just tuning up the band for another Super Bowl rout.  While any of those four results is possible for Seattle, I don't see New England taking a blowout or even a comfortable (say, up by 13-20 points) win.  The Patriots could easily win a close game or a tossup, yet since these are the only two realistic scenarios I see for a NE victory, I have to go with the Seahawks due to the wider range of options.

Also, I'm picking the Seahawks due to a) lingering bad Patriots karma from this Deflategate nonsense, b) Seattle is maybe my favourite American city, c) it will make me feel 0.005% less bad about Green Bay's loss since I can chalk it up as them losing to a team of destiny and d) Marshawn Lynch gave Rob Gronkowski a pretty one-sided beating in their video game duel on Conan.

Bonus Super Bowl video!  Key & Peele with a pro edition of their legendary Football Names sketch!

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