Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girlbusters II

Well, I must say I'm pretty pleased at the new Ghostbusters cast given that I cited three of the four during my fanboyish list of casting ideas.  The only one I didn't mention was Leslie Jones, who has so exploded onto the scene over the last year that now she stands out as an inspired choice.  She's the rare SNL cast member who doesn't seem quite comfortable in live sketches, yet I still really enjoy her work on the show --- between pretaped material and her near-unhinged Update desk bits, she's just one of those naturally funny, charismatic performers that makes anything she does worth watching.

Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy were almost locks to be involved given Paul Feig was directing, which is fine.  As I've written before, I like Wiig in virtually everything she's done *besides* SNL, and she was still an overall strong SNL cast member if wildly overexposed.  McCarthy has been solid gold in both of her previous Feig movies. 

Then we get to Kate McKinnon, which merits another standing ovation from me.  She is essentially what SNL thought it had in Wiig --- a wildly versatile "star of the show" actress with an endless supply of wacky characters.  Whereas Wiig's schtick got old quickly, however, McKinnon hasn't even been on SNL for three years yet and she's already by far the best act in the cast.  Getting her into the Ghostbusters remake is a well-deserved platform into making her a superstar.

If I wasn't already in "take all my money" for this Ghostbusters reboot, I sure am now.

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