Monday, February 02, 2015

Curse Reversed!

The curse is over!  My family’s longstanding jinx with regards to our purchase of NFL apparel may have been officially lifted forever.  The reasoning is simple — my mom got a Patriots toque for Christmas, and sure enough, they won the Super Bowl.  It may have required some divine retribution in the form of a baffling play-call from the Seahawks, but still, perhaps Pete Carroll also has some curse hanging over him.  (Presumably Jim Harbaugh’s voodoo doll finally became operational.)

Now, technically, my Packers and my brother’s Ravens have both won championships since I wrote that post in July 2010, so you could argue that our family’s curse has been broken twice over.  Yet still, we hadn’t received any new Green Bay or Baltimore stuff immediately prior to those Super Bowl wins, whereas my mom’s toque was brand new.  Also, it’s only fitting that she be the one to officially put the curse to rest given that her Patriots’ gear torment really fueled my belief in the curse, given how her getting a Tom Brady jersey in January 2008 immediately led to a) the Pats blowing their perfect season in the Super Bowl and b) Brady blowing out his knee in the 2008 season opener.  Amusingly, she put that jersey in a drawer out of disgust and hasn’t worn it since.

Talk about playing with fandom karma fire, however.  During the second half of the game, she TURNED THE CHANNEL to watch Downton Abbey!  Turned the channel with her favourite team in the Super Bowl!  Maggie Smith vs. Tom Brady is admittedly a real tossup but still!  She claimed it was because she was worried about them losing and couldn’t bear to watch, but my god, sometimes as a fan you just have to tough it out. 

Unless…the turn to Downton Abbey actually saved the Patriots.  After all, it was Olde England and New England.  Plus, nothing says Downton Abbey like a butler, and who was the player who notched that game-clinching interception?  Malcolm Butler.  I rest my case.

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