Friday, August 09, 2013

The Mannings Rap

I've been pretty hard on Peyton Manning over the years ("the most overrated quarterback in the NFL") and I kinda hate Eli Manning since the Giants own my beloved Packers.  That said, both men were very good SNL hosts* and are more than willing to make themselves look goofy, i.e. this hilarious ad.  It's much better to look like a fool in a commercial when you're being paid a ton of money than to look like a fool on a football field...uh, when you're also being paid a ton of money.

* = and, to be fair, "very good" in comparison to other athlete hosts, not 'very good' in general.  Like, compared to Wayne Gretzky or Jonny Moseley, Peyton was basically Alec Baldwin. 

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