Friday, August 16, 2013

Conan Vs. Jordan Schlansky

Conan O'Brien didn't retain many of his old Late Night characters and premises when he moved to The Tonight Show since he wanted to create a fresh vibe, and even fewer of those classic Late Night ideas survived the move to TBS.  One exception has been Jordan Schlansky, who isn't technically a character (though I'd guess he's learned to play it up for the cameras) but rather an actual person, an associate producer on Conan's show.

There's no way of describing Schlansky other than to say he's a metrosexual hipster Vulcan who may or may not be a Patrick Bateman-esque serial killer.  He made his Late Night debut during the writer's strike in 2008 when Conan was filling time simply by interviewing some members of his staff.  Jordan has stuck around since he's just such an odd cat and Conan clearly loves making fun of him/getting exasperated by his behaviour.

Here are a few of Jordan's more memorable appearances on Conan's show…

Jordan's debut

Conan helps Jordan find a place to live in Los Angeles

Jordan is hoarding an espresso machine for himself in the office

Jordan keeps coming in late on Friday

Conan and Jordan go to dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Also notable since Conan clearly gets really drunk and starts acting like a dickhead.

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