Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 'Ockey Sweater (lockout version)

Our friends at This Hour Has 22 Minutes have this modern take on the Canadian classic.  A quick note on the original: didn't it seem odd that the story didn't really have an ending?  The kid gets his Leafs jersey, he's being picked on by all sides, and yet there's no final conclusion to this whole tale of woe.  Unless the punch line was the fact that in 1946 (when the story was set), the Leafs went on to win their first of three straight Stanley Cups, and the Canadiens didn't win another Cup until 1953.  So essentially, the kid's friends would've considered his acquisition of the Leafs sweater to have been the jinx that haunted the Habs, and probably beat the crap out of him on numerous occasions over those six years and/or drove his entire family out of town in shame.  Ha ha, what a beloved story of childhood!

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