Friday, December 07, 2012

Reaction Shots

Ok, so this collection of GIFs showing the reactions of Oscar winners and losers?  Awesome.  I wish Blogger allowed GIF imbedding so I could recreate the whole thing here but just click the link, it's priceless.  Every time I see it, I find another little masterpiece of passive-aggression.  A few of the many, many highlights…

* Burt Reynolds' sarcastic slow clap that quickly turns into a real clap.  It's possible Burt only just realized he had cameras on him…

* ….just as Sally Kirkland did in the funniest GIF of the bunch, quickly plastering on the phoniest possible smile.

* Liza Minnelli somehow fainting while a) sitting and b) still remaining conscious.  Perhaps she was just having an ill-timed Case Of The Dizzies.

* Everything from the Ellen Burstyn row, from Gena Rowlands seemingly mouthing "oh shit," Faye Dunaway's snarky "knew it!", Diahann Carroll's open-mouthed shock and Valerie Perrine's even more open-mouthed shock that momentarily transforms her into Gilda Radner.  Was Ellen Burstyn's win that big a surprise at the time?  Seems like a pretty well-regarded performance.

* Holly Hunter apparently having a seizure of joy when her Piano castmate Anna Paquin wins, topped only by Paquin herself jumping out of her air in total shock while wearing the silliest outfit possible.  Also a weird reminder that Anna Paquin actually won an Oscar, which is hard to believe if you've ever watched an episode of Tru Blood.

* Meryl Streep truly is the greatest actress of our time not only for her countless amazing performances, but also her wide range of varied yet no less enthusiastic reactions to losing Oscars.

* Bill Murray with the curt nod, not even trying to hide his disappointment over losing.  For his next film, Murray should play a character named Curt Nod.

* Thomas Haden Church really overdoing it with the a-ha nod, to the point that it looks like either took some strong smelling salts or is trying to demonstrate a seated version of the Undertaker's zombie sit-up.  For his next film, Church should play a character named A-Ha Nod.

* The a-ha nod is a particular favourite and easy to overdo, as evidenced by Felicity Huffman and Melissa Leo, the latter of whom obviously muttered several obscenities under her breath.  Another variation is Anne Hathaway's "yes!" nod, which I'm sorry, is not believable in the slightest.  Someone needs to sit down with Hathaway and tell her what things she just can't pull off, like her Claire Danes impression and that short haircut.

* Talia Shire's look of outright disgust over Faye Dunaway's victory.  Forget the passive, this was just aggression.

* Minnie Driver CANNOT BELIEVE (in a nice way) that Kim Basinger won an Oscar.  I think that's everyone's reaction.

* Forget the reactions, just the string of faces alone in the Eileen Heckart row.  This should be saved for a Tumblr page called "Only In The 1970's."

* This isn't a reaction, but the one year (the Sissy Spacek win) when the Oscar telecast director zoomed out from the shots of the losers.  The effect basically says they had their moment and now WOOP, it's gone.  They've been sucked down into the void of mediocrity, leaving Spacek as the sole survivor.  It's also disappointing that the Oscar telecast director didn't order 15 gallons of blood dropped on Spacek as she was making her speech.

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