Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Law & Order, By The Numbers

Matthew Belinkie of the Overthinking It website has lived up to that page's credo and delivered a breakdown of verdicts from all 20 seasons of the original Law & Order series.  (Plus a followup where he examines how the show's verdicts correlate to real life.)  Interesting stuff, especially if you're a fan of the old L&O series like me.  For instance, recently watching Firefly for the first time, I got WAY too excited when Richard Brooks guest-starred as a villain in an episode.  So weird seeing Paul Robinette waving a gun around and acting all bad-ass....well, not that Robinette wasn't a bad-ass in a prosecutorial kind of way, but he usually didn't beat up defendants with martial arts moves.

While we're on the topic of vintage Law & ultimate cast is Briscoe and Logan as the cops, Van Buren as the lieutenant, Claire Kincaid as the ADA, Adam Schiff as the DA and (in an upset) Ben Stone as the executive ADA.  Stone takes it over McCoy simply because I got a little sick of McCoy's plot/reality-bending maneuvers to win trials as the series went on.  Stone's four years on the show allowed him to get out way before the writing went to hell in the middle seasons.

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