Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tumblr Love

* Sheen And Swanson
I'm not sure why people insist on comparing great American and meat enthusiast Ron F'in Swanson to noted lunatic Charlie Sheen. Perhaps it's because Sheen's half-baked claims of manliness are actually applicable when used to describe an actual beacon of greatness, such as Ron. As the great Dizzy Dean said, it ain't bragging if you can do it.

And, aside from this Tumblr, this actually isn't the only Sheen/Swanson meme out there. Check out the Sheen version of the Ron Swanson Pyramid Of Greatness.

* Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson
Okay, enough of this. Swanson deserves better than to be lumped into Sheen's bizarre universe. Instead, Swanson should be hailed alongside man's second-best friend, the cat.

* Eye On Springfield
If you're a sentient human being, you obviously love the Simpsons. This site collects various images and GIFs from the show and before you know it, you'll have spend a whole friggin' hour laughing and remembering the various gags.

* Fuck Yeah, The Office!
...and here's a similar site for the Office! (American version, not British version...though I don't feel it's necessary to differentiate between the two anymore, pretty much everyone presumes you're talking about the Steve Carell version. Never mind.)

* Where's Randy Savage?
It's a question we've all asked ourselves in our more introspective moments....where IS pro wrestling legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage? It's a shame this man has faded from the pop culture landscape ever since his seminal performance as Bonesaw McGraw in the first Spider-Man movie. He was a two-time WWE champion! He is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, from a pure entertainment/actual wrestling ability standpoint! He loves Slim Jims! And, as this Tumblir site informs us, Savage has been involved in virtually every pop culture moment of the last several hundred years. Oh yeah!

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