Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Bob Dylan" vs. Rebecca Black

Between this and the Bruce Springsteen/Jimmy Fallon-as-Neil Young version of "Whip My Hair," I'm starting to think I'd pay for an album of lousy pop songs covered by legendary artists. They can call the record 'Polishing A Turd.'

Perhaps even funnier than the cover is the top-rated comment, which holds the distinction of being the only actual clever comment in YouTube history.

This song is so powerful to me.. i remember that friday in 'Nam in 1973 i was flying my medical chopper in to try and save my shot up platoon when we were shot down.. the rest of my crew was just bloodied remains, and i wasn't far from it. The chopper was stuck up in a tree a good 20 feet up. This song came on over the radio, and i heard the lyric "gotta get down on friday." then and there i decided not to give up on life. I hopped of the tree and shot down 50 Vietcong screaming "We so excited!"

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