Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowls & Spice

Um, when I predicted the Patriots by murder, I actually meant 'the Giants will run through the Patriots' offensive line as easily as if Tom Brady was being protected by a murder of crows.'

Chatting with my friend Yvonne tonight, I learned that rather than watch the big game, she instead attended a Spice Girls concert in Toronto. This somewhat surprised me --- who schedules a concert on Super Bowl Sunday? Only a bunch of futbol-minded Brits, that's who. I guess there isn't a ton of crossover between Spice Girls fans and football fans, though Yvonne reported there were a few boyfriends in attendance that "didn't look too pleased." It isn't all bad for those guys. Sure, they're totally whipped, but on the bright side, they now have a fight-ender or sex-getter for all time. Observe...

"Aw, not tonight honey, I have a headache."
"I took you to a Spice Girls concert during the Super Bowl, which ended up being one of the best games ever."
"Hmm, that's true. Ok, ditch the pants."

"You're an ass! You never do anything special for me!"
"What? I took you to a Spice Girls concert during the Super Bowl, which ended up being one of the best games ever!"

This wouldn't end the fight per se, since the girlfriend obviously wouldn't admit she was wrong ("Who cares? It's just a football game!") and would continue arguing for another hour minimum until the guy just apologizes to get it over with. But the guy would win the moral victory. Granted, this is sort of like winning an Intercontinental title match when the heel cheats to get intentionally disqualified and thus retains his title, but still, the moral victory is there. Damn you, Honky Tonk Man!

Today's discussion question: does New York beating New England in the Super Bowl to end their shot at a 19-0 season match or top the Red Sox coming back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS? Compare and contrast.

The bottom line is that the Patriots just aren't....Perfect.

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