Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick Grammies note

Is Amy Winehouse a bigger star than I realize, or have we hit rock bottom with CBS' breathless storyline of "Will the druggie pull herself together in time to perform voluntarily at a meaningless awards show"? I mean, she's a one-hit wonder. Was there this much controversy over Eagle Eye Cherry showing up in 1997? No --- that's because Eagle Eye was a professional! DAMMIT! Why did his star stop shining? His spirit will live forever on the mix CD I burned in high school. Eagle Eye holds a place of honor alongside Dishwalla and the All Saints.

I mean, if Amy Winehouse was hot, at least then the media attention would be understandable. Not excusable, but still. But she looks like five miles of bad road. At least trainwrecks like Britney and Lohan were attractive....once.

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Kyle Wasko said...

I won't lie, my first thought was: EEC had a drug problem??

I'll also repeat something I mentioned on Twitter: her "omg, I can't believe I just won record of the year" face struck me as completely disingenuous, as she'd already won FOUR other awards that night.

Finally: if I never hear "Rehab" again, it'll be too soon. I far prefer "Valerie," which was huuuuuuge in Ireland in December, but doesn't seem--as near as I can tell--to have made much of splash here.