Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chigurh vs. Plainview vs. Todd

The "who's the bigger badass" tally is calculated here. Tons of spoilers about all three films here, so be warned.

Personally, I thought Sweeney should've gotten a few bonus points for managing to still look tough while singing half of his dialogue. That takes skill.

The article also omits two of the year's biggest movie bad-asses, the guys from Hot Fuzz. Maybe that's coming in a follow-up article.


Oh yeah, Super Bowl pick. Patriots by murder. My pal Wasko has a far more in-depth preview on his blog.


brian said...

haha, my friend was just telling me about that quiz. hilarious. glad to find the link.

RT Murphy said...

What about Smith from Shoot-Em-Up? He kills 2 men with carrots directly and more with carrots indirectly, which is egregiously badass.