Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dr. Z and Sayid Jarrah, international men of mystery

This is a couple of weeks old, but still more than worth reposting. This tale is from my pal Kyle's blog...

Misha on Dr. Z. True story. I'm driving Carrie to her written test at the Ministry of Transportation and Misha (who, I'll pause to note, is married with a child--i.e. a real live grown-up) calls:

Misha: did you hear that Peter King picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl?
Me: well...it was actually Dr. Z that picked them to win, but yeah. Kinda surprising.
Misha: that's what I said. Peter King--"Dr. Z"--picked the Giants.
Me: [long pause] huh?
Misha: Peter King and Dr. Z...they're the same guy.
Me: [longer pause, thinking he's just kidding] huh?
Misha: same guy. Dr. Z is King's alter-ego.
Me: [bursting out laughing] No, it's not.
Misha: [silence]
Me: Dr. Z is Paul Zimmerman. He's been a writer at SI for like thirty years. Peter King is...Peter King. Did you think he was a superhero or something? And didn't you subscribe to the magazine for like fifteen years?
Misha: No, I...but.... [pause, starting to sink in] Christ.
Me: [laughing and laughing, almost having to pull over.]

Classic. This is right up with the time that Misha and I were arguing about Guns n' Roses, and Misha was trying to defend his idol Axl Rose by saying that Chinese Democracy could've been released ten times in the last 15 years, except "since Axl always wants to be on the very cutting edge, by the time he has the songs just how he wants them, popular music has shifted onto something else." Damn you, forever-moving zeitgeist! Slow down long enough for Axl to catch up! I'm not kidding about Misha being a huge GNR fan. I think his wife had to talk him out of naming their first-born son Axl, and 'Rose' was definitely on the table if they had had a girl. I guess it still is if they have another kid, it's still an option. But since they ended up naming their son Jack, people might think that they were just really into Titanic with kids named Jack and Rose. And then Jack might end up sketching nude drawings of his sister, which would be just weird as hell.


Wow, I joked about Lou Bega in my last post, but then I heard Mambo No. 5 in a Toyota Corolla ad. Maybe he really is on the way back.


After last week's Lost, it's official. There's enough material to do a serious Jack Bauer vs. Sayid Jarrah breakdown. We may have to save it since I've already got a massive breakdown saved for tomorrow (stay tuned), but....damn. Sayid is the man. Hitting a perfect seven-iron to the green and then shooting a guy in cold blood? That's James Bond-level stuff right there. Here's the funniest aspect of this fight: in real life, Kiefer Sutherland and Naveen Andrews are both no taller than 5'5. In fiction, it would be an incomparable battle of TV badasses. On a street corner, it would be like seeing two Grade Nines battle over who gets the corner locker.

Speaking of Lost, I recently read one of the best theories I've ever seen about the show's overall mysteries. Check the whole thing out here. It isn't perfect (I don't quite get the whole 'mirror matter' thing, nor do I believe that the smoke monster doesn't have some kind of sentience), but it makes a lot of sense. I think the author is on the right track in predicting that there are multiple ways to the island at different points around the globe, and I LOVE the idea that the twisting LOST logo is actually a clue to the orbit of this 'mirror moon.' Damon Lindelof has been quoted as saying he knows exactly what the last shot of the series will be, and this is actually a pretty good guess as to what that could be. It beats my guess, which was Desmond, Kate, Ben and a polar bear sentenced to a year in jail under good samaritan laws. But hey, the writer's strike is over! We get five more episodes (plus the eight we were already guaranteed) to figure all this crap out! Woo hoo!

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Hal Incandenza said...

Swear to God: Jack's middle name is "Axl." I'll try to find documentary evidence for this.