Monday, September 17, 2007


The Emmys ranged between fist-pumping excitement and eye-rolling ennui. Some of the winners were so right on, and so well-deserved. Terry O'Quinn's Saucy Pink Shirt and Jaime Pressly winning were great surprises that made up for the unforgivable snub of their shows (so that makes it...forgivable? Hmmm). Ricky Gervais was a worthy winner in spite of the fact I've never see anything of Extras aside from the immortal Patrick Stewart cameo. It's Ricky Gervais, I'm just assuming he's awesome. And then, the icing on the cake, 30 Rock is the upset winner of best comedy. My imaginary girlfriend Tina Fey got to make a funny speech on top of her funny bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus earlier in the night. I guess the key for a truly funny and subversive show to win a Best Comedy Emmy is to draw low ratings. Then voters will feel sorry for it and throw some pity votes. This is called the 'Arrested Development in 2004' corollary.

The rest of the awards ranged from the predictable (America Ferrera, the Sopranos) to the signature Emmy habits of inexplicably awarding past winners again (Jeremy Piven, James Spader) and movie stars slumming it on TV (Sally Field). There was also Katherine Heigl's win, which I guess may be an inverted cause --- rewarding BECOMING a movie star.

Biggest laugh of the night came from the listing of the writing staffs of the late-night comedy shows. Like Harold Baines and root beer, these segments keep bringing the underrated quality year after year. And hey, Conan's team won the award! Booyah!


The Green Bay Packers are 2-0! *pumps fist* I need to enjoy this now before the probable stomping the Chargers will lay on the Pack next week. Speaking of the Chargers, I had to laugh at tonight's game. Was there any doubt New England would crank up the intensity given all of the cheating controversy and just lay a whipping on Whale's Vagina this week? Even funnier, Andrea Kramer mentioned during the game that the Jets are now accusing the Patriots of listening in on radio signals during last week's matchup and are going to the NFL with their complaints. Oh, Jets. You're 0-2 and still have another game to play in New England last this season. This won't end well. What will the final score be of that next Pats-Jets game? 50-0? 60-0? This will be like one of those 100-7 high school games you read about sometimes and then shake your head that a coach would run up the score like that.


First, naming your child after yourself and making him a 'Jr.' is kind of a loser move. On the other hand, you need a Junior to lead to a III, which is kind of cool. But in my case, a III wouldn't work since that would give my future son the somewhat silly acronym and nickname of MPIII. However, by the time I have a grandson, MP3s will be outdated pieces of technology --- it's not like a person today named, say, Larry Perkins is commonly nicknamed LP.

So I'm torn.


The search for a favourite college football team has come to an end. I left it up to one game -- if Oregon beat Michigan two weeks ago, they'd earn my favour. And beat them they did, which made Michigan the second-most embarrassing team in the country (hi, Notre Dame!) this season.

So I think I'm in for a good time as a Ducks fan. They certainly seem to be a fun team to watch. This Dennis Dixon guy is a hell of a player. Poor man's Vince Young? Or is Vince Young a poor man's Dennis Dixon? If Oregon is going to be my team, I have to make crazy statements like these.

In conclusion, quack quack quack Mr. Ducksworth.


Tonight's iTunes playlist....

See Through Head, the Hives
Hanginaround, Counting Crows
Falling Slowly, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
Your Cheatin' Heart, Hank Williams
Hound Dog, Elvis
Where Boys Fear To Tread, Smashing Pumpkins
Running to Stand Still, U2
Octopus' Garden, the Beatles
Always On My Mind, Elvis
Stay, U2
Babylon, David Gray
Motownphilly, Boyz II Men
Ava Adore, Smashing Pumpkins
Picture of Jesus, Ben Harper
Innocence, Hootie & the Blowfish
Killer Queen, Queen
Have Mercy, Loretta Lynn

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Chad Nevett said...

Spader winning is inexplicable? For shame, Shuk, for shame.