Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Little Things That Give You Away

U2 is back on tour with their Joshua Tree anniversary tour, and while the middle section of the show features the entirety of JT from start to finish (holy lord, does 'Exit' sound great), the band threw an interesting curveball into the set for the show closer.  Here's a new track from their ever-forthcoming new album, rumoured to be out this fall after the Joshua Tree tour concludes --- though, then again, U2 also reportedly had this new disc coming out last fall as well.  Or the year before.  Or even quite quickly after Songs Of Innocence was released to capitalize on all the great buzz from....uh, that auto-iTunes download strategy that everyone hated.  Oh well.

As you might guess, I like this new song!  It's kind of a combination of Song For Someone, Every Breaking Wave and even a bit of Mercy with the build at the end.  It doesn't strike me as a potential single, though then again, the last time U2 released a ballad as their opening single from an album was 'With Or Without You' on Joshua Tree.  Maybe U2 is going totally retro here.

If the new album cover is indeed that image of the two kids (Bono's son and Edge's daughter, apparently) holding hands, that's adorable.

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