Saturday, August 08, 2015

Random Nonsense

Oh, nothing, just a clear view of the dark side of the moon as it passes in front of the Earth.  If you want to fire up “The Great Gig In The Sky” for the remainder of this post, feel free.


“Drake vs. Meek Mill” sounds like a rec league softball game between two high-end furniture stores.


I have this text document on my desktop that contains random ideas, phrases, brief writings, lists, and quite a bit of the material that has been shaped into blog posts over the years.  This document dates back years and it’s quite lengthy, so I realized just recently that I hadn’t actually read the whole thing from start to finish in a long time. 

Opening it up, I randomly scroll halfway down the page (since starting at the beginning is too simple) and come upon on this sentence: “I was born awesome and stayed that way, baby.”

I have zero recollection of ever writing this, nor do I have any recollection of what it was in reference to.  Did I think this was a clever line for some long-forgotten story or novella idea?  Did Bruce Campbell hack into my computer at some point?  It’s bizarre….the self from even a few years ago can seem like a completely different person. 


If you’re Canadian, you’ve seen those “Justin Trudeau: Just Not Ready” commercials roughly 50 times a day for the last umpteen months.  They’re hilarious to me on two levels…

a) the Conservatives have spent the last four years ignoring the NDP (you know, the actual official opposition) and hammering away at Justin Trudeau to such an extent that it has seemingly impacted his support…except those voters are now favouring the NDP, not the Conservatives.

b) so the conceit of this ad is that this imaginary hiring panel are the Canadian people looking at resumes for their next prime minister.  Doesn’t a hiring panel imply that, y’know, there’s a job vacancy?  Most companies don’t have a person in place they’re satisfied with and go headhunting anyway.  So even the Conservative Party’s own commercials are subtly implying that Stephen Harper’s time is up.


Big news my ongoing quest to discover the best and worst streets in Toronto.  The embattled Queens Quay Boulevard has finally finished its three-plus years of construction and re-opened, and it looks….pretty nice, I guess.  Not sure if it’s really so eye-popping that it required three years of shutting down a major artery just in the name of (basically) widening a bike lane, but whatever, I’m not a city planner.

The most important news here, however, is that Queens Quay has gone from a traffic nightmare to a traffic dream.  You see, three years of horrific driving conditions has essentially scared people away from the road; for all I know, the greater Toronto public doesn’t seem to realize construction is actually over.  So for this brief window of time, it is absolute smooth sailing down Queens Quay, despite there being only one lane in either direction.

Case in point, I was caught in a major traffic snarl from the CNE to Bathurst, taking roughly 20 minutes just to traverse that short distance.  I was in the right lane and dreading having to somehow fight my way over to the left lane when suddenly I decided to just turn down Bathurst onto and get onto Queens Quay, and wouldn’t you know, there wasn’t a car in sight. 

I’m giving it two weeks before the general public catches on and traffic again reverts to a Mad Max state.  I’d say less due to this post, but c’mon, nobody reads this blog.

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