Friday, August 21, 2015

Jordan Schlansky, Off The Market

Let's talk for a moment about Jordan Schlansky the performer, and how he quietly plays up the "Jordan character" during these remote bits with Conan.  You can see him occasionally almost breaking up, though for the most part, he does a solid job of keeping a straight face during all of Conan's nonsense.  I actually believe that these are unscripted --- I can see Conan wanting to keep the situation as fresh as possible.  At most, he says "hey Jordan, we're coming by your office at 3pm, be ready for something random" so he doesn't catch Jordan when he's in a meeting or something.  (Though Schlansky's actual job duties have long been in question.)

This leads to the wonderful little moment when Jordan actually gets Conan to break as well, with his answer of "You."  Point, Schlansky!  And I guess also point, stripper since judging from Conan's reaction, I'm not sure she was actually supposed to get topless during the scene.

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