Sunday, February 23, 2014

The 45 Best Who Songs

The Who!  Basically everyone likes the Who.  They've achieved that unique level of virtual universal respect music-wise, which is probably what you'd expect to happen when your band contains The Best Bassist Ever, The Best Drummer Ever*, a guy in the conversation for Best Frontman Ever and one of the all-timer innovative rock songwriters in Pete Townshend.

* = ok, well, John Bonham fans have a point.

These are my 45 favourite Who songs, so, not necessarily the best of the bunch, but just one man's opinion.  It gets even more subjective when you consider that I haven't heard many of the band's B-sides, and I've listened to the "It's Hard" and "Who Are You" albums exactly once each, I believe.  (The Who's quality falls off a cliff pretty quickly.)  I didn't even bother with "Face Dances" or "Endless Wire" since post-Keith Moon, it's just not the same.  The latter disc is lacking both Entwistle AND Moon and, get this, it came out in 2006.  Who knew the Who had released something new in this millennium?  Who knew indeed?

Anyway, if you're a diehard Who fan who's scoffing at this list since I'm overlooking some obvious hidden gem deep cuts, well, I'll probably sleep just fine anyways.  And if your favourite Who song isn't on my list, just assume it was 46th and I really hemmed and hawed before cutting it with tears in my eyes.

List time!

45. We're Not Gonna Take It
44. I Don't Even Know Myself
43. Rael
42. Love Reign O'er Me
41. I'm A Boy
40. Sensation
39. Who Are You
38. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
37. Let's See Action
36. Out In The Street
35. Someone's Coming
34. Too Much Of Anything
33. Eminence Front
32. I Can't Reach You
31. Pure And Easy
30. Doctor Doctor
29. I'm One
28. Disguises
27. Behind Blue Eyes
26. Sally Simpson
25. Pictures Of Lily
24. The Seeker
23. Love Ain't For Keeping
22. Run Run Run
21. Christmas
20. I Can See For Miles
19. Getting In Tune
18. Going Mobile
17. Sea And Sand
16. Our Love Was
15. Magic Bus
14. My Generation
13. Blue, Red And Grey
12. Pinball Wizard
11. Drowned
10. 5:15
9. I Can't Explain
8. It's Not True
7. The Real Me
6. The Kids Are Alright
5. Baba O'Riley
4. My Wife
3. Won't Get Fooled Again
2. Squeeze Box
1. Substitute

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