Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy

I've got to admit, when I heard that GotG was Marvel's next big film project, I was skeptical.  To call the Guardians even fifth-tier heroes amidst Marvel's many characters would be a stretch and yet they, of all people, were getting a movie?  The conspiracy theories started flying online that this entire film was a glorified introduction to the Avengers sequel (not the Ultron one, the next next one) and it would end with the Guardians all being summarily killed by Thanos to build him up as the biggest of the Marvel Universe's big bads.

And then I saw the trailer and just realized ohhhhhh, they're going to make a straight-up comedy out of these goofy characters.  Awesome.  Between this and the Edgar Wright/Paul Rudd/Rashida Jones "Ant Man" movie, I'm glad Marvel's second wave of superhero movies are embracing the absurdity.  We are THAT MUCH CLOSER to my dream of seeing Anna Kendrick play Squirrel Girl.

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