Monday, February 24, 2014

RIP Harold Ramis

As documented before on this blog, Ghostbusters was an enormous part of my childhood and it's still one of my all-time favourite movies.  Then you have Groundhog Day, one of the true comedy classics of the last two decades and (pound-for-pound) one of the most thoroughly satisfying, interesting and underrated movies ever made.  THEN you have Caddyshack, Animal House and Stripes, and while it seems like I'm minimizing them by lumping them all together into one category, I'll point out that all three were released in a mere four-year span, which must've been like manna from heaven for late 70's/early 80's comedy fans.  THEN you have SCTV, which was quite possibly a) the greatest sketch comedy show of all time, and b) the greatest cast in television history.  THEN you have the slightly lesser credits of Back To School, the Analyze This/That movies, National Lampoon's Vacation and geez, these "lesser" credits are still pretty impressive.

Add it all up and you have one of the greatest careers in comedy history.  Harold Ramis will be missed.  The seven-year-old in me is sad that we're not going to see a Ghostbusters III, and the adult me is sad that the world has lost a great comic mind.

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