Monday, February 03, 2014

Super Blowout

Well, I don't think anyone saw THAT coming.  If you told me before the game that the Super Bowl was going to be a blowout, I would've suspected that the Broncos' offense would've just been too much for Seattle to handle....not that the Seahawks would dominate in every way possible and Denver would look like it was the first time any of them had played football before.  Frankly, even a blowout was hard to predict, given that both teams seemed so evenly matched.  I went in expecting a potential classic, and all I got was was the worst loss in Broncos history.  Or, no, wait, I guess that was their 55-10 loss in Super Bowl 24. 

Fun fact: the Broncos have now lost five Super Bowls, the most of any team.  The five losses have come by final scores of 55-10, 43-8, 42-10, 39-20 and 27-10.  That's right, a 17-point deficit was the CLOSEST of the five defeats.  Sure, they have their two Super Bowl wins from the late 90's to hang their hat on, but yikes, it's been some hard times as a Denver fan. 

On the bright side, the city of Seattle has its first Super Bowl title, and its first sports title of any kind since the 1979 NBA Championship (won a team that is currently playing in Oklahoma City).  Kudos to the S'Hawks and it's hard to argue they weren't an elite unit.  And on another bright side, this was the first Super Bowl blowout of the social media age, so we got some very funny stuff on the interwebs all night.  To wit....

 And finally, one that didn't specifically relate to the Seahawks' big win, but very funny nonetheless....

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