Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Homeland" Trailer

Taking a page from one of the best movie trailers ever, the second season of Homeland is previewed via a Scala & Kolancy Brothers cover song.  Frankly, it's almost unfair.  Scala/Kolancy music would make anything seem amazing.  You could add their cover of, say, With Or Without You behind scenes from friggin' "Whitney" and it would make that show seem like a heartbreaking mediation on modern relationships rather than, y'know, bullshit.

From my TV Year In Review piece....Most descriptions of Homeland just refer to it as "a thinking man's 24," which isn't quite right; the British series MI5 is the real thinking man's 24 since it has the action but is only half as ludicrous.  There's relatively little action in Homeland which is what makes it so interesting -- the tension came from not really understanding what plot was really afoot, and the feeling of foreboding dread (you knew an attack was coming, but when and from where) added extra importance to everything.  I also have no idea where the series will go for Season 2 or if this premise is really suited to a longer-form series, but if nothing else, Homeland can rest on having at least one superb year.  Great performances from Mandy Patinkin, Damian Lewis (a dead ringer for my friend Greg, btw) and especially Claire Danes in a career-high performance.  Danes deserves every plaudit in the world for her work and should be the hands-down Emmy winner… watch this, it'll probably go to Mariska Hargitay or some shit.

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