Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby, You Got A Stew Going!

First it the announcement that the movie was finally happening.  Then it was the announcement of a 10-episode TV series leading up to said movie, detailing what each member of the Bluth family had been doing for the last decade.  And then it was a recent statement from David Cross saying that the series might end up being 13-14 episodes since Mitch Hurwitz just has so much material to cover. 

By this point, who knows how far-reaching this new Arrested Development project will go.  A 22-episode season?  Fifty-three new episodes?  Three three-hour movies, directed by Peter Jackson?  A 24-hour Arrested Development cable network that shows nothing but new episodes, old episodes, the movie, Mr. Banana Grabber cartoons and Cornballer infomercials?  The sky is the limit!

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