Monday, May 28, 2012

Hot! Live! Music!

Walk Off The Earth, "Somebody That I Used To Know"
I think this officially makes me the three-millionth person to link to this video.  What do I win?  We're in about month four or five of the Gotye experience and I've gotta say, I'm enjoying it.  Even if STIUTK goes into history as a singular, uh, single and Gotye is a one-hit wonder, it's still a hell of a song.  And I'm still saying this after hearing this song literally every 10 minutes on one radio station or another.  Compare this to another song in heavy rotation ('We Are Young' by fun.) and it's a no-contest victory for Gotye.  In an unrelated story, holy crap am I ever sick of 'We Are Young.'  I now have two reasons to be irritated at fun., besides just their dopey use of punctuation in the band name.

Bono, "So Cruel"
Holy crap, Bono got through three minutes of solo guitar-playing without a wrong note!  What progress!  Of course, the album version of the song is about 5:30, but even still, baby steps.  I am, of course, totally in the tank for U2, but man, what does it say about a band's quality when a song this great is basically just a throw-away non-single that's barely even been played live?

The Raveonettes, "Heartbreak Stroll"
If you distilled 'garage rock' into one song, this would probably be it.  I guess that makes it somewhat derivative, but what the hell.  'Heartbreak Stroll' is one of the all-time great names for a song.  I first heard this track on the It Came From The Garage compilation, one of my all-time deserted island albums and boy, there's a list that might need some updating.  It's totally lacking in fun. records! 

Coldplay, "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)"
Part of me thinks it's vaguely self-parodic for Coldplay to "Coldplay up" a fast-paced rap/rock anthem, while another part of me thinks that having Coldplay actually try to perform this in the style of the Beastie Boys would be hilarious, if insensitive.  Most of me just thinks this is sweet.

Elvis Costello & Beastie Boys, "Radio Radio"
Most Beastie Boys stuff!  For Saturday Night Live's 25th anniversary show, Elvis and the Beasties recreate one of the more famous musical performances in SNL history.  Very cool of the Beasties to act as Costello's backup band here.  Much less cool is Ad-Rock's keyboard style --- he looks like a child trying to finger-paint.  Dailymotion isn't letting me embed, so just click the song title to see it. 

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