Saturday, May 19, 2012

Best Of The SNL Digital Shorts

Warming Glow counts down the 10 best songs from the SNL Digital Shorts (a.k.a. essentially by Lonely Island).  I cannot whole-heartedly endorse this list since it doesn't include Jizz In My Pants,* but even still, it's pretty solid.  I do love the inclusion of the underrated "Space Olympics," which didn't totally land as an actual comedy bit, but the song is really catchy.  "We can't really enforce the curfew/As there is no light or sound" is a great-ass line.

* = "I cannot whole-heartedly endorse this list since it doesn't include jizz in my pants" is an incredible out-of-context sentence.

My personal top 15, with extra points given to the actual quality of song over the humour of the sketch….

15. I Ran
14. Like A Boss
13. Three-Way (The Golden Rule)…Am I wrong in thinking that Lady Gaga has never looked better than she does in this video?  Note: this is not the same as saying Lady Gaga is actually attractive, as that is decidedly not the case.
12. Phonies (Threw It On The Ground)
11. Lazy Sunday….The original classic.  Chris Parnell rapping is the funniest thing in the world.
10. The Creep
9. Stumblin'….Sung by Vanessa Bayer!
8. Ras Trent
7. Space Olympics
6. Dick In A Box
5. Boombox
4. Motherlover
3. Jack Sparrow
2. I Just Had Sex
1. Jizz In My Pants

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