Friday, January 13, 2012

UFC 142 picks, oh, and also AN ELEPHANT

My picks for UFC 142….pick all the Brazilians. When UFC last had an event in Brazil last August, the Brazilians went 7-1 when matched against fighters from other countries. This time we have eight more Brazil vs. The World bouts, so the only trick is picking who the one will be to prevent a clean sweep. Let's hope it's London's own Sam Stout, who has a tough but winnable match against Thiago Tavares. For the three Brazil vs. Brazil fights, flip a coin.

Also, I like the UFC and everything, but if you think I'm ordering this show on the same night as Patriots vs. Broncos, you're dreaming.


So, that was a much shorter UFC prediction post than usual. What will I fill the space with? I know, stock photos!

My friend Amanda recently pointed me in the direction of the Awkward Stock Photos tumblr page, and oh, the cleverness. I want to know absolutely everything about that elephant photo, such as "was there some space between the elephant and the crowd, or were the people standing in front of the creature saying 'oh fuck…' ?"

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