Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paul Rudd: Marketing Genius

I have a still-in-development theory that Paul Rudd is the most popular actor in the world. Not popular in the sense that all of his movies are instant blockbusters or anything, but rather that I'm not sure any actor is more universally "liked" than Rudd. He's popular with men and women alike, with the added bonus for the ladies (and gay males) that they also find him adorable. Everyone think he's a good actor, but not a great actor; this is a crucial step, since 'great' acting usually inspires quite a few haters. Like, Sean Penn is a great actor but his style of acting inspires some eye-rolling. (This is apart from his political beliefs and his general doucheiness, which also explains why a lot of people hate Sean Penn.) But Rudd is just an above-average, solid performer who can easily shift between dramatic pathos and zany comedy.

This is a long-winded introduction to a pretty simplistic Funny Or Die clip, but maybe that's further proof of my theory. Would I spend a long paragraph on just *any* actor?

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