Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sterling's Gold

As fun as a Mr. Men/Mad Men series would actually be, the only Mad Men-related book on the market this winter is "Sterling's Gold," the autobiography of Roger Sterling himself. You can seriously pre-order it right now from Amazon.

Now, if you recall from the show, Roger's memoirs were widely mocked by Don and Peggy (and most everyone who read it) as a hilariously bad vanity project run amok. So, ironically, Mad Men did a bit of back-handed marketing on pushing this as a must-read, but since the target audience is just fans of the show anyways, I doubt it'll affect sales. Also, I suspect the real-life Sterling's Gold is going to be either a collection of Roger one-liners or a 'guide to life' type of thing like Barney Stinson's Bro Code.

So, did I have a point to this post besides just saying that book is a thing that exists? Not really. But if anyone feels like getting me a Christmas gift as a reward for all these free posts you've enjoyed all year...

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