Friday, October 22, 2010

The NBA: Where Superheroes Happen

I've always been more of a Sports Illustrated guy, but I have to give credit for ESPN The Magazine for its awesome use of stylized Marvel comic-book drawings for their upcoming NBA Preview issue. Each team gets its own personalized image, and they range from cool to incredible. The Raptors as Alpha Flight! The Celtics as Green Lanterns! (even though Green Lantern is a DC character) Dwight Howard as Wolverine! Steve Nash as Phoenix!...which I guess fits even though it makes more sense to have Nash as Wolverine but still! The best of the bunch is the Cavaliers entry, which is a brilliant take on one of the more famous images in comic book history. This is the last time in a while we'll hear the phrase 'Cavaliers' and 'best' in the same sentence for a while.

The full gallery is here, but I couldn't resist posting a few of the highlights.


Chad Nevett said...

The Celtics are wearing green Fantastic Four costumes, man... which look remarkably like the Green Lantern costume. Still.

Question Mark said...

Oh lord, I'm an idiot. It even says 'Fantastic Five' right there on the cover.

*forehead slap*

*fantastic forehead slap*