Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out-Of-Context Texts In My Phone Inbox, Volume VIII

The identities of the texters will be published in this month's edition of Vogue Magazine. Or will remain anonymous. One of the two.

"See you in the car! -- Milhouse"

"Hey dude, are you at game?"

"Hey buddy, date went pretty well. Inception was great and we went to Shoeless Joes. How was Expendables?"

"Congrats to Sonnen on his steroid abuse. Good thing he didn't beat Silva. Would be stripped anyway. What an idiot."

"Heyyy just getting on the Yonge streetcar, be there soon."

"Txt me later if you feel like a patio."

"When does it start again? You are free to come to my apt before, have a drink and walk over. I think my bro and a friend or two are also coming."

"Oh! I was at the movies! Did you go?"

"Cause he's old and should join Liddell in retirement."

"Hey can you bring my shoppers list from the fridge when you come up???"

"Packer game, Rovers on Bloor, 4:00?"

"Hey Mark, if you're at trivia first, try to get a six-person table (if your friend's still coming)."

"U in London?"

"Hey! Shoppong w/ Greg's parents. Cottage is definitely moved to tmr. What are you up to? Heard you had a nice visit with my mom!"

"Cool buddy"

"I can't get a hold of Ken so if u see him let him know I canceled the hydro and gas. I couldn't transfer it."

"Hey Mark, it's Ben. If you want u can come by and check the place tonight prolly after 7. Let me know and I'll come by and get the cats too."

"Simpsons trivia tonight at the Ossington!"

"Great. See you then."

"Did we ever decide on which day to do Eric's b-day thing?"

"Sounds like the game may go to extras. Luke and I are headed downtown so message me when the game ends and we'll let you know where we are."

"Sounds great, what time do u meet?"

"Thanks for advice. I'm leaning to jam, btw."

"Haha or the new M. Night Shamalamamamalan!"

"How warm is it?"

"In other news, Toney was f'ing impressive in his debut. Man, that guy could do anything he puts his mind to. I overheard he will now train for 9 months and just the American high diving team at the next Olympics."

"At the car"

"Just = join."

"Hey Mark, u playing trivia next wk?"

"Ryan and I have been trying to reach you but no dice. If you are not lost in the woods, you should meet up with us as it is until 11."

"Leaving condo now...taking subway be thrtr soon. Joanne decided to come."

"Hey, missed a call from you the other day. U still in TO?"

"I was just about to text you. Didn't notice the text. Thanks for msging! Have fun in London."

"Luke's down by Gretzky's and I'm headed that way. We'll be stationed at Wayne's prob within 15 or 20."

"Sorry was so distracted with job drama yesterday. I'm usually not like that. Please forgive me. it was fun to hang out and I liked that movie."

"p.s. we got 38 trivia points including a round where we got all 10 questions right. Still didn't win."

"Awake yet for the beaver?"

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