Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Nonsense

I'm not sure why I find this picture so funny. I have no particular ill will towards 'Twilight.' Why hate something that is clearly not aimed at my demographic? I can easily glean from advertisements alone that it's not my cup of tea, so I just let it blow past me in a swift rush of ennui.

That said, it still fills me with delight to see the Count just socking it to ol' Edward. Maybe it's not so much that I dislike Twilight as much as it is that I really love the Count. One, ONE haymaker, ah ah ah! Needless to say, the Count is not on Team Edward. (Note to self: LOST should totally reveal the Smoke Monster's name as 'Edward,' so they can piggyback off of the Team Jacob/Team Edward meme. Bad idea, or worst idea?)


Here's a video that's been making the rounds of the blogosphere lately --- a week after a game show that he hosted went on the air to horrific reviews, the great Jackie Gleason goes on TV the next week and spends the whole time apologizing for the terrible program and basically mocking its entire existence. It's pretty amazing. Not by coincidence, these videos started popping up once the first episode of 'The Marriage Ref' debuted. Memo to Jerry Seinfeld: just stop. Stop doing increasingly defensive interviews pretending the show is entertaining. It's not. You're threatening to taint 'Seinfeld' for us, Jerry. Just stop.

Jackie Gleason : "You're in the Picture"
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A word about Fulham FC. Down 4-1 in aggregate goals after the first two minutes of the second leg of their Europa League tie with Juventus on Thursday (wow, run-on sentence), Fulham proceeded to score four more times to clinch the unlikely victory and move on to the quarter-finals. Now, true, Juventus was down a man for most of the match, but even still, you have to consider the result to be quite possibly the biggest win in Fulham history, all circumstances considered.

"But Mark," you might ask, "didn't you sort of break up with Fulham two years ago? Aren't you just a bandwagon-jumping douchebag?" Well, um, uh, er, what can I say, the new girl didn't work out so well. And come on, the Packers went out in the first round, the Maple Leafs stink, MLS might go on strike, and the Blue Jays are about to embark on what might be a last-place season. Let me have some sports joy! I mean, look at this goddamn winning goal from Clint Dempsey! How can you watch that strike and not want to reclaim your seat on the bandwagon? Also, I really need to go to Craven Cottage at one point in my life. I may dress as Kraven the Hunter. I just need to find a lion-patterned vest, grow a mustache and do sit-ups for about the next two years.


There's having your advertisement topped, and then there's having your advertisement owned. Audi, my friends, you've just been piz-wned.


Today's iTunes playlist....

Romeo & Juliet, Dire Straits
Helter Skelter, The Beatles
Would I Lie To You, Eurythmics
Orleans Parish Prison, Johnny Cash
I Want It All, Queen
Red Rain, The White Stripes
What I Got, Sublime
The Masses Against The Classes, Manic Street Preachers
Lost In The Flood, Bruce Springsteen
Fast Cars, U2

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