Thursday, March 04, 2010

OK Goldberg

Let me be the 10 millionth blogger in the last week to post OK Go's new video. I'm pretty sure it's internet law; those bloggers who don't post it are subject to be visited by the Repo Men or possibly characters from another terrible sci-fi movie.

Very cool stuff. It reminds me of the Rube Goldberg machine my buddy Trev and I designed in the sixth grade. And when I say 'reminds me of,' I mean that our version was roughly 1/10000th the complexity. And when I say 'my buddy Trev and I designed,' I mean that Trevor basically designed the whole thing, and my contributions were limited to buying the power battery needed to power the lightbulb at the end of the thing. Since Trevor grew up to an engineer, maybe my destiny is to become a money man. All I need now is money.


* An article from Wired detailing how the video was made, complete with a few links to the 'making of' YouTube clips.

* OK Go's original video for the song, which was also pretty creative. Geez, OK Go can make two good videos for one song and most musicians can't even cobble together one interesting video in their entire careers. Then again, to be fair, 'This Too Shall Pass' is the kind of average song that could use a cool video to get it some attention. It's no "Here It Goes Again", that's for certain.

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