Monday, March 01, 2010

Random LOST Stuff

Oh wow do I love that cartoon. Coming soon to a Facebook profile near you. I've already used a picture of Locke and a picture of Charlie Brown as my profile picture, so it only makes sense that I use the combination of the two. Fun fact: I have twice dressed for Halloween as Charlie Brown. Maybe I should go out this year as John Locke? Or, if I can rig smoke pellets under my sleeves, I can go as Evil Locke. This will inevitably lead to me setting myself on fire, but hey, it's Halloween.

So yeah, this sounds amazing: a new Terry O'Quinn/Michael Emerson series. First of all, the premise (bickering hitmen dealing with family problems) sounds funny in and of itself. But with those two guys in the lead roles? I'm sold. This would be high on my list of possible LOST semi-spinoffs, right between a Jorge Garcia/Ken Leung remake of 'The Ghost Whisperer' and a series where Evangeline Lilly and I play lovers (plot TBD). Much further down the list --- Daniel Dae Kim in a remake of Hawaii Five-O. Yikes. Five-O might last five-o episodes or less.

For Lost-related comic relief, it doesn't get much better than the Never Seen Lost blog. The premise is simple: recaps of the show from a person who had never seen an episode before this season. It provides some great perspectives. The Monster is renamed 'the Sad Day Monster,' Sayid is just 'that Indian guy' and even without seeing any other episodes, the writer is still able to identify that Jack is pretty incompetent.

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