Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Greatest YouTube Clip Of All Time

Friends, I've linked to some funny videos over the years, and I hope you've enjoyed at least a few of them. It's occasionally difficult to figure out if a video is funny just to me since it appeals to my odd sense of humour, or it's truly funny enough to be worth posting up for all to enjoy --- it's not unlike Elaine deciding if a guy is sponge-worthy or not. I guess the difference is that it's not like I have a limited number of posts to use, nor will my blog keep me from getting pregnant. Ok, it was a terrible analogy, are you happy?

But with this clip....well, it speaks for itself. I can safely say that everyone will find this funny. You can show this to your grandma, clergyman or British palace guard, and it will crack them all up. If someone sees this video clip and doesn't laugh, then that's pretty evidence that they're aliens hiding in a human guise.


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