Saturday, October 17, 2009

Out-Of-Context Texts In My Phone Inbox, Vol. 3

As always, the identities of the original texters will remain a secret forever. FOREVER!!!!

"By fountain."

"Hey, this is Christine's friend Jen. :) When she has a sec, can she call me? Thanks!"

"I'm in the USA without any data. Any chance you can pass on the L.A.-Philadelphia score?"

"Wine!! Where are you?"

"Larkin just shouted hello from a car the other day."

"Oh! Would love to but I have a date! How are you?"

"Hey! I know it's late notice, but we're doing a bit of drinking for my birthday tonight. The plan is to have a few drinks."

"Watch out for signposts."

"Well...I guess we save a little money."

"Is that how you say hello where you're from?"

"Neggo. (y)"

"Ha ha, thanks! What?"

"Indoors, in Roots."

"Hmm, hmm?"


"I put that football offer back up."

"Hey, you ever read Great Gatsby? I just started it. You around this aft for a video conference?"

"So what was the occasion the other night?"

"I hate the fucking Yankees."

"Louise wanted me to remind you of the Sens' victory."

"No worries, buddy. I'm going to hold you to that.....unless said shot is a prairie fire."


"Bene. You nap yesterday and sleep in today?"

"Yo, wino, what up?"

"Just landed in Charlotte on my way to Indianapolis. Ned Jarrett was in the seat behind me. Thought you might be passably interested."

"730 sounds good."

"What'd you think of her?"

"Awesome!! Congrats. Where at?"

"What the FUCK was Granderson doing there? For fuck's sakes...."

"Ah, chardonnay. So, I guess no Detroit now...."

"Hi! Not sure if you got my e-mail. Can we switch to Wednesday? Too busy at work today."

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