Thursday, July 23, 2009


Kudos to Paige for the find. Kudos to Miles Fisher for not taking the obvious route and doing an American Psycho-styled video to a cover of 'Psycho Killer.' Also kudos, I guess, to Fisher for looking like the love child of Christian Bale and Tom Cruise. (I'm presuming that's actually Fisher in the lead role...if not, uh, good casting anyway.)

'This Must Be The Place' has to be on the short list for greatest songs of all time. Not to denigrate Fisher's work, but the song is so great that it's hard to screw up. You could amass Fergie, that Soul Patrol guy from American Idol, Michael Bolton and the guy who was I Mother Earth's lead singer post-Edwin for a 'We Are The World' choral version of this song and it would still sound okay.

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